Trend towards perfection of humor: modern jokes

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Trend towards perfection of humor: modern jokes
Trend towards perfection of humor: modern jokes

Video: Trend towards perfection of humor: modern jokes

Video: Trend towards perfection of humor: modern jokes
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More and more modern jokes begin to dominate, if not to melancholy, then to reflections on the futility of being. Although no, no, yes, a chaotic geyser of freshness and mischief slips among them too. But no matter how the situation with modern humor develops, the network always has something to read, something to giggle at, and sometimes even think about, again with a smile. Let's laugh together.

Jokes with deep meaning

Funny Trump
Funny Trump

Let's start with something burning and deep. Modern jokes that appear on the pages of social networks are 50% entirely with a hidden meaning. But, reading them, the mood, nevertheless, rises. So let's go:

  • My life is not like the saying that God saves the safe. Rather, she is from the region: "The barn burned down, burn down and the hut."
  • My job is a strange place where you start your morning with a cup of aromatic coffee, and end the day with a twitchy eye and an insatiable desire to strangle someone.
  • My head works like clockwork. Sometimes even the cuckoo pops up.
  • All life is solid BDSM, and you forgot the safe word.
  • Looking at the screensaver on your smartphone, you think it's time to change it. And then you understand that, it seems, it’s time to change the phone, and the city, and the country. Yes, and all my life in general.
  • What doesn't kill us makes the best story.
  • Remember the temporality of pleasures and the longevity of consequences.
  • Whatever is done, everything is down the drain.
  • For some time now, doubts have overcome whether the old Russian saying that the law is not written for fools and the concept of "deputy immunity" are somehow connected with each other.
  • Taking alcohol is much safer for the body than taking everything to heart.
  • You have just been able to achieve unity with the Universe, like tomorrow again Monday and drag yourself to work again.
  • Don't you understand? By blaming me for something I didn't do, you are giving me an idea along the way!
  • Try one day to tell everyone around you only the truth, and by the evening you will be unemployed, lonely, damned and abandoned, disabled, lying in intensive care.
  • Get empty promises on cigarette packs!
The main thing to post on Instagram before you drown
The main thing to post on Instagram before you drown

Jokes without deep meaning

But there are also funny modern jokes that are not filled with the deepest meaning, but do not involve deep reflection. Here is a small selection of simple modern jokes:

  • Be kinder, but how suckers…
  • The owl is able to turn its head 270° to any nightingale thatwake up.
  • My doors are always open for you. Come out.
  • Some bad guy stole all my summer clothes!

Not to mention modern jokes about teenagers:

- Listen, Valera, did you serve in the army?

- No, Sing, I didn't. They didn't take me.

- Why didn't they take you?

- Could not find.

And here are a few more in the piggy bank:

  • The sexual life of any modern teenager begins with his first connection to the Internet.
  • A couple of teenagers are walking along the sidewalk. One says to the other: “Do you know how a policeman differs from a goat?” And behind him, to his misfortune, was just a policeman who grabbed the youngster by the ear and growled: “Come on, tell me what?” And he told him, frightened: “Nothing, uncle, honestly, nothing!”.

A little KVN humor

KVN jokes
KVN jokes

Players and authors of texts of KVN teams are dictators of fashion trends of modern humor. Therefore, it is simply impossible not to remember a few KVN jokes:

  • To show that he does not waste public funds, the mayor of the city put a gas bottle on his Lamborghini.
  • The thrifty woman took so long picking dumplings from the supermarket fridge that she got frostbite on her face.
  • Lena managed to increase her lips by simply rudely cursing in front of her parents.
  • Not yet experienced, but overzealous young surgeon made the liver beat.
  • Husband came home a little earlier and was able to see a little more.

You can list KVN jokes for days on end, butsince we are limited in time, let's move on to the next section.

As without jokes

funny goat
funny goat

Finally, a couple of jokes for you:

  • A very drunk man fell out of the bar and started waving his hands frantically over the sedans above the parking lot. A passer-by observing this remarked: “How can you find your car in this way? There are no rooms on the roof, nothing.” To which he growled: “Get off! Mine with flashing lights…”.
  • One guy says to another: "Yesterday I saw two girls here, they, count, dived into the hole!". The second asks: "What, walruses, or what?". To which he gets the answer: "Well, one - yes, a walrus. And the other is pretty!".


funny roosters
funny roosters

As you can see, humor is all right now. We continue to be sharp, rude, argue and laugh. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that everything will be fine in the end.