How to make money on "Volcano"? Game features, consequences, reviews and recommendations

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How to make money on "Volcano"? Game features, consequences, reviews and recommendations
How to make money on "Volcano"? Game features, consequences, reviews and recommendations

Video: How to make money on "Volcano"? Game features, consequences, reviews and recommendations

Video: How to make money on "Volcano"? Game features, consequences, reviews and recommendations
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Currently, all types of gambling are prohibited in the Russian Federation, including through the Internet. Nevertheless, this does not prevent the organizers and players from circumventing the laws and trying their luck. How to make money at Vulkan, one of the most popular online casinos, and whether it is possible at all, what you should pay attention to, and what mistakes you can avoid, read the article below.

A little about this casino

"Volkan" - the most famous and trusted casino among the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Since the days of real casinos, this brand has earned popularity and prestige among fans of gambling sensations.

At the moment, hundreds of thousands of people of different professions and different age groups are daily trying to figure out how to make money on the "Volcano", or rather, how to beat the casino. But, if you put aside the financial side, you can have a very interesting time here, because only here is the largest selection of slots, card games, roulettes, andalso bonuses, various lotteries and tournaments.

What else attracts players to the Vulkan online casino? Referring to the official website, this is what it offers to its customers:

  • complete confidentiality;
  • timely payment of funds;
  • special approach to each player;
  • best slot machines.
really make money on the volcano
really make money on the volcano

Features of online gambling

Before registering on any sites related to gambling, you should be aware that any casino is initially set to lose customers, that is, they do not benefit from your constant luck, therefore, you should not count on the endless favor of fortune - this is the first thing to remember before you try to make money on the "Volcano". Naturally, the establishment periodically lets its customers win, otherwise it runs the risk of quickly losing all the trust of the players.

Mandatory conditions for registration are the player's sanity and age. For starters, beginners can try their hand and luck on a demo account, but more experienced players who want to tickle their nerves will have to open an account after registration and deposit a certain amount of money.

How to make money on the "Volcano"?

Perhaps this question is somewhat incorrect, because those who work earn money, and in the casino money can only be won, and not everyone succeeds. Experienced players who want to make money quickly are constantly looking for loopholes, coming up with all sorts of strategies and sequences, but inin reality, units consistently win.

And yet, it is real to make money on Vulkan, for example, by attracting other users. In this case, you will receive interest on their losses. Agree, a somewhat unpleasant and dubious form of earnings. But, if you still decide to do this, you will have to attract (lure) people, demonstrate your achievements, and in cases of failure, endure angry tirades addressed to you. This type of earnings can hardly be called stable.

do they make money on a volcano
do they make money on a volcano

And if you are lured: can you trust the gambling guru?

It is not uncommon for you to accidentally land on the site of a certain professional player or he himself writes you an email with an offer to beat the casino, they say he has a super-strategy (game source code, combination, algorithm, etc.) that will help you always stay in the black. In return, this person asks for 10-20%, and sometimes asks for nothing at all, allegedly recruiting a team for himself.

Plus, on such sites, as a rule, dozens of people tell how they managed to make money in Vulkan with the help of the author. The reviews are the most eloquent, with screenshots of winnings and large payouts. Looks very tempting, doesn't it?

But should such virtues be trusted? Let's take off our rose-colored glasses for a moment and try to assess the situation sensibly:

  1. Let's say a person really managed to get access to game codes or algorithms, will the Vulcan programmers really not notice the information leak? In any case, no casino will give a group of peoplewin continuously, sooner or later your account will be blocked for fraud, and the funds will not be allowed to withdraw.
  2. Imagine for a moment that you are the person who has access to the win-win game. Why would you share your luck with strangers, much less insist on it? Charity?

And one more thing: such sites are freely available, therefore, in addition to you, the employees of the online institution themselves can learn about the “miracle strategy”, hacking the system and other things. Do you seriously think that the founders of the company will allow this to happen?

earn volcano reviews
earn volcano reviews

What should I pay attention to?

If you still really want to tickle your nerves and try your luck, feel free to visit the Vulkan casino, but we strongly advise you to listen to our advice if you want to not only have a good time, but also learn how to make money on the "Volcano" and not lose everything.

  1. Before you register, try playing in demo mode. Thus, you will understand how the slot machine works. But do not forget that in the demo, the winning percentage is always higher than in real games. This is done to attract new players.
  2. Determine the amount you don't mind losing. If you manage to increase your finances, this is very good, but there is much more risk of losing everything forever.
  3. Don't play when you're drunk or sleepy.
  4. Learn to stop in time, excessive excitement can result in tragedy, always rememberthis. If you find yourself unable to stop the game in a timely manner, ask someone to help you, for example, by simply turning off the computer.
how to make money on a volcano
how to make money on a volcano

The consequences can be sad

Is it possible to make money on the "Volcano"? You can … But you can lose everything overnight. One important thing to be clear is that no casino will let you win all the time. For the first time after registration, it may seem to you that fortune is on your side, and you are incredibly lucky in gambling, but believe me, this is just a trick to increase your excitement. In general, experienced players recommend immediately after registration to "skim the cream" and not play anymore, although sometimes it is very difficult to stop.

Fortunately, in many casinos there is a rule according to which the player is not allowed to replenish the account with another person's card or wallet. That is, you will not be able to transfer funds from your spouse's or parents' bank card to an online casino account.

how to make money on a volcano
how to make money on a volcano

Player Reviews

If you want to find out if Vulkan is making money, the first thing to do is look at real reviews. Real reviews easily differ from promotional ones in that people in the first case honestly talk about their failures. The paid reviews feature fantastic winnings. If you are described in all colors the advantages of online casinos and even demonstrate their successful games on certain slots, you should know that you have a review that is most likely bribed.

In general, real casino reviewspositive. Players who are aware of all the risks tell how they sometimes manage to get a plus. But if you put aside the financial side, judging by the reviews, the Vulkan casino fascinates its players with a variety of slots, bright graphics and big bonuses.

is it possible to make money on a volcano
is it possible to make money on a volcano


To gamble or not is a personal matter for everyone as long as such a hobby does not directly or indirectly harm other family members. Casino "Vulkan" is one of the best in its segment. You may not get fabulously rich here, but you are guaranteed to have a good time and enjoy the game.