Sergeant Kobrin: actor from the series "Soldiers"
Sergeant Kobrin: actor from the series "Soldiers"

Video: Sergeant Kobrin: actor from the series "Soldiers"

Video: Sergeant Kobrin: actor from the series "Soldiers"
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In our country it will be difficult to find a person who has never watched or at least heard about the television series "Soldiers", the first episode of which was shown on August 23, 2004. On account of "Soldier" there are 557 episodes, not counting special issues, spin-offs and feature films. Over the 17 seasons of this popular series, many heroes have changed, some have appeared and left the project forever, someone after a while reminded of himself again.

sergeant kobrin
sergeant kobrin

Everyone remembers well such positive characters as Medvedev, Shmatko, Zubov, Sokolov and Varya, Borodin, Prikhodko, Papazoglo, Tslav and many others. But the negative characters were no less memorable and original. These are Colonels Kolobkov, Shkalin, Yapontsev, Sergeant Kobrin. "Soldiers" did an excellent job of displaying the vices of the military, in particular, with the concept of hazing, which was promoted by the well-known Kobrin.

A little about the show

"Soldiers" is a comedy series that tellsabout the life of ordinary soldiers, as well as officers serving in a military unit near a small town. Conditions and life in the unit do not fully correspond to the realities of military service. Here, all events are presented with humor, have a good context, and good always triumphs over evil. The series is filled with comic situations and sparkling jokes that remain in memory for a long time. Despite the fact that many actors have been involved in the series throughout its existence, each of the characters had their own personality and was not like anyone else. But for 17 seasons, 8 demobilization squads were transferred to the reserve.

soldiers sergeant kobrin
soldiers sergeant kobrin

Now I would like to dwell in more detail on the 14th season and the negative character "Soldier" Sergeant Kobrin, all series with which look in one breath.

Season 14 Plot

Season 14 pleases with new bright characters: Olga (who previously appeared in several episodes), Sergeant Kobrin and a new library worker. A lot of already beloved heroes also delight viewers in season 14. Dozens of funny and extraordinary situations will occur throughout all 64 episodes. At the end of the series, Susloparov and Kaigorodov will leave forever, but the rest will continue to serve.

The spirits of Navadsky, Pashin and Poghosyan will continue to comprehend all the intricacies of military science, in which their grandfathers will be happy to help. The appearance of a new excellent sergeant from the neighboring unit will bring confusion to the ranks of the company for some time, but the situation will be quickly resolved, and not in favor of the newcomer.

sergeant kobrin about hazing in the army
sergeant kobrin about hazing in the army

Lieutenant Colonel Zubov will help his former unit and good friend Starokon in every possible way, supporting him. But Shkalin, who is temporarily acting as a unit commander, will have to face some financial and personnel problems, but his family life will not be overshadowed by anything.


It is worth remembering which of the grandfathers appears in season 14 and what events happen to them.

Stas Yaroshenko. In this part of the series, Stas will fall in love with the new librarian Alena. In order to conquer the lady of the heart, Yaroshenko is ready for any crazy deeds, and in the end he will achieve his goal.

Yuri Butonov reveals his poetic and artistic talent. Also falls under the influence of the new sergeant. Only Kurenkov is able to force Butonov to return to the true path.

Sergey Susloparov treats his colleagues with kindness, resolutely resists the attacks of Sergeant Kobrin and eventually challenges him to a fight.

Konstantin Pokroshinsky will also be drawn into a love story this season, or rather, into a triangle. Because of his actions, a case will be opened against him, and investigators from outside will come to investigate.

Alexey Tonyshev is also in trouble: he will receive a strange package that will cause a wave of proceedings, become a victim of blackmail, and also stumble upon a terrible burial while digging trenches.

A new face in the 14th season of "Soldier" - Sgt. Kobrin. He will appear in the middle of the season and will dictate his own rules in the second company, which many will not agree with.soul, especially spirits.


Navadsky will have a hard time this season, many events will happen to him, and not always pleasant ones. Friendship with a nurse will cause jealousy and misunderstanding, the arrival of a new sergeant Kobrin will turn into big problems for Fedya.

Socrates Poghosyan will delight the audience with his antics. He will try himself as a cook, make new acquaintances in the city, try to get the favor of Zotova, learn to play the violin and much more.

sergeant kobrin soldiers season
sergeant kobrin soldiers season

Parshin will try himself as a spy, blackmailer, businessman and show his unprecedented greed. In general, Peter will have plenty of flights.

In which episode did Sergeant Kobrin appear

The character of Sergeant Kobrin in "Soldiers" appears in the 17th episode of the 14th season, when he is transferred from another company. According to the characteristics and at first glance, he is an excellent soldier, approximately serving. But in reality, everything turns out to be completely different. Kobrin promotes hazing and applies harsh punishments to ordinary soldiers. Only Kurenkov from the very beginning treats him with distrust, but the captain needs to leave the company for a while. As time passes, the character of Kobrin begins to unfold. And some soldiers are trying to resist him, but not the whole company.

sergeant kobrin soldiers actor
sergeant kobrin soldiers actor

In which episode will Sergeant Kobrin receive a well-deserved punishment? His service in the second company will not last long, and in episode 32 he will appear for the last time. This was due to his recklessbehavior and abuse of authority, and thanks for this should be the returned Kurenkov and the investigator from the prosecutor's office.

The beginning of the story

A sergeant with an ideal characteristic named Yaroslav Kobrin is being transferred to a military unit. Lieutenant Colonel Starokon determines him to serve further in the valiant second company of Captain Kurenkov. The captain is somewhat suspicious of the newly arrived fighter, but does not have time to take a good look at him, as he is forced to go on a business trip. As he leaves, he asks the platoon leader to observe the new sergeant and find out if he really is such a great soldier. The platoon commander checks the physical skills of Sergeant Kobrin and remains completely satisfied: the soldier fulfilled all the standards perfectly.

Getting acquainted and talking with grandfathers, Kobrin points out that it was his senior comrades who made him a man. He also says that the spirits feel too light, which is wrong, they should be stretched like an arrow and know their place. According to Sergeant Kobrin, hazing will definitely make a man out of every soldier, not a rag. Some of the old-timers try to convince him, but the sergeant is not going to change his principles and is ready to restore order in the company, guided by them.

Already in the 4th episode, Sergeant Kobrin shows himself in all his glory and does not give in to the young, humiliating them in front of the entire second company and physically punishing them. His favorite pastime was checking the plywood of young fighters. Susloparov is categorically against such methods, which he directly and without fear declares to the sergeantKobrin. As events progress, their conflict escalates more and more.

Development of events

The plot of the storyline begins in the new series "Soldier" with Sergeant Kobrin. Episode 4 with his presence becomes one of the key ones in this story. Events pick up when Kobrin allows himself to beat Parshin. The platoon leader is trying to find out who is responsible for this incident. But all the fighters keep absolute silence, and he cannot get anything from them. Kobrin teaches soldiers at every opportunity, forcing them to do push-ups, checking plywood or making an elk. With each new mockery of the soldiers, the grandfathers begin to treat him with negativity and contempt, but no one tells the officers the information. And Butonov, for example, follows the lead of Kobrin and tries to adopt his manners and principles of behavior with soldiers.

At the training ground, standing in tandem with Navadsky and practicing blows, Kobrin goes too far and beats Fedya so hard that he breaks his lip and injures his leg. Shkalin draws attention to the injuries received and asks Fedya how this could happen. Navadsky tells him that these were the consequences of just training sparring. But Shkalina has suspicions. Especially after he found out who was the second fighter in sparring with Navadsky.

At night, the sergeant wakes up Navadsky and gives the command in uniform to come to the toilet, where he again proceeds with his methods of training through physical violence. But then Shkalin enters the company and sees all the exercises. He sends Navadsky to bed, and calls Kobrin for a personal conversation. But no wordscommander or platoon commander did not have the proper impact.

soldiers all series sergeant kobrin
soldiers all series sergeant kobrin

Kobrin accidentally burns his hand with an iron, and the soldiers figure out how to temporarily protect themselves from constant attacks. Navadsky hangs a sheet of metal under his uniform, and when Kobrin once again checks his plywood, he injures his other hand as well.

At this time, Kurenkov returns to the military unit from a business trip, and Shkalin tells him about what he saw and shares his suspicions that Kobrin can not only bully his soldiers at night, but also exceed his authority. Kurenkov, who initially disliked the newcomer, tries to catch the sergeant in the heat and punish him.

Sergeant Kobrin knows firsthand about hazing in the army, he himself went through all these bullying by his grandfathers. Therefore, he is not ready to give up just like that, even if the company commander is clearly opposed to him. The conflict between Kobrin and Kurenkov reaches its climax when the sergeant forces him to write a dispatch stating that the company commander himself is the instigator of all hazing in the company. He forces the soldiers of the second company to sign this document.

At the same time, relations between Kobrin and Susloparov are heating up, leading to a fight between them.

Kobrin leaves the new part

The final trick of Sergeant Kobrin in the second company was the brutal beating of Navadsky. The sergeant has lost all boundaries, and because of his beatings, Navadsky is sent to the medical unit. During the fight, Captain Kurenkov enters the unit and rushes to separate the soldiers, but he himself is injured.

Kobrin's actions had gone so far that it no longer made any sense to solve them peacefully, especially after the beating of Navadsky. This transgression could no longer be concealed. They start a case against Kobrin. An investigator comes to the unit to investigate. During the investigation, the sergeant's guilt, of course, is confirmed, and the investigator says that Kobrin will not get off lightly. He will be tried for exceeding official authority, as well as for a severe beating.

To collect things before leaving the military unit, the sergeant is released into the company. The soldiers are surprised and frightened to see him, because everyone was sure that they would not meet him again. Kobrin tries to pretend that he came out clean from the water and returned back to the service, but the investigator comes in and takes him away. Now the second company can exhale and sleep peacefully.

The actor who played the role of Kobrin

The actor Alexei Alekseev, who played Sergeant Kobrin in "Soldiers", was already known in the world of Russian cinema for his successful roles. The actor was born in 1979 in the village of Urmary, which is located in the Republic of Chuvashia. Since 1989 lives in Moscow. He received acting education for three years at VGIK, and then entered the school named after M. S. Shchepkin. After graduating from college, he was immediately enrolled in the troupe of the Moscow Youth Theater. Since 2000, in addition to theatrical activities, he began acting in films and managed to show himself in a dozen popular films in Russia.

Creativity of Alexey Alekseev

The first projects where you can see Alekseev are "Brother 2" and "Border. Taiganovel". In these films, he played episodic roles. Then he could be seen in the "Brigade" and a couple of Russian films. But fame and recognition came to him in 2003, thanks to the feature film "Don't Even Think", in which Alexei performed the main role. In 2004, with his participation, the second part of this story was released. After that, there were roles in Storm Gates, Kadestve, and the film with Renata Litvinova, It Doesn't Hurt Me. And in 2008, Alexei appeared in the television series "Soldiers", where he played Sergeant Kobrin. The actor did an excellent job with his role and got used to the image of a soldier who steadily promotes hazing and believes that this is the only way to bring up a good and executive soldier.

soldiers sergeant kobrin 4 series
soldiers sergeant kobrin 4 series

Aleksey Alekseev did a great job with the role of Kobrin. Scenes with him, dialogues - everything made me believe that here it is - the real embodiment of hazing, which, by the way, was practically absent in the series before. All viewers agree that the actor did his job for five, but opinions about Alekseev's hero himself are divided into two opposite fronts. Some say in unison that this is the most terrible, cruel and low person in the entire history of "Soldiers". And others argue that Kobrin shows hazing and attitude in the army as they are in reality. Indeed, in the "Soldiers" there is more an atmosphere of kindness and humanity. The creators of the series did not seek to convey the real state of affairs, their task wasmake the audience laugh.